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Choosing the Right Blinds For Your Home

Choosing the right blinds for your home

Every home is different, and every homeowner has their own preferences. When it comes to shopping for blinds, it can be difficult or even overwhelming to pick the right ones for you due to the sheer amount of customization options at your disposal. Here at JMK Shutters, our team has made the shopping process much easier by breaking down the important factors to consider when choosing your home’s new blinds.

Light Allowance

Blinds are designed to tilt to keep sunlight out or let it in, which can impact the amount of light that enters your home. This, in turn, can result in cooler or warmer home interiors, which can work in your favor during particularly hot or cold months of the year. You will want blinds that properly shut out or let in just the right amount of light for your home as well as help you control temperatures.


Typically, window treatments are priced based on their size, but other factors include patterns, colors, materials, and other features. The more windows in your home, the more it will cost to properly fit them all with the right blinds (especially if you want them to match). Calculate how many windows you want to fit with blinds and see whether it’s worth covering them all or just certain ones. Of course, our window shutter company will always try to work with your budget to get you the best and most affordable blinds for your home.


A majority of blinds come with cords, but it’s highly recommended that you go for the ones that have wands. Cords can create a choking or strangulation hazard for children and pets. Blinds with wands are also much easier to control and you won't have to struggle with knots or tangles.

Ease Of Maintenance

Blinds tend to be dust magnets, and they require constant cleaning and maintenance. Try to find blinds that are easier to wipe clean, such as plastic, vinyl, or metal, rather than fabric, which may need to be vacuumed. The rule of thumb is that the more blinds you need in your home, the more likely you’ll want the ones made of materials that don’t require as much upkeep.


Blinds don’t have to stick out like sore thumbs. In fact, with the right guidance, they can actually help accentuate and enhance your home’s interior design. Take your time searching for the right types of blinds that fit the aesthetics of your home. You want blinds to be efficient, but it doesn’t hurt for them to look nice as well.

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